Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Sitting top the field of the main stage over looking the gorge was epic and surreal. In that moment I sat on the grass and leaned back and took in the world around me. I have never felt so alive, and I didn't believe people when I was told that this event would  forever change my life, but it did.
 I made amazing new friends, built stronger bonds with the friends I already knew. I have never been in a place where I felt loved by every stranger.

There are people who walk in and out of your life, sometimes they change it for it the better and sometimes not. After eight long years in a loveless and mentally damaging relationship I met someone who change my view on the world, and on love. A single moment in Time forever etched into my mind, lost in a sea of people, I only saw him, and he saw only me. 

Paradiso, was a whirlwind of events, thousand of souls converged in one place, over looking the most breath taking view I have ever witnessed. Together in harmony our bodies moved to the sounds that echoed through out the Gorge. I was completely and utterly happy, living fully in the moment. For once I was not concerned about what was happening out side of this place.

I was truly living.....feeling the life in every breathe I took.

In this moment, I gazed upon the man I now call my Boyfriend and I had an Epiphany, this single and Beautiful soul, by a chance of fate, walked into my life and forever changed my world. He took my hand and carried me to places I have never been. Opened my eyes to the world around me. For so long, I was confined to a world filled with other peoples wants and needs. Consuming my soul as each day passed.
 Marco, set me free, freed my mind, my soul and my heart.

This picture captures that moment, as we sat atop the gorge across from the vineyard. This tiny Oasis in a vast sea of dry land, shows that even in the most arid and barren of places life continues to thrive.

 We looked out upon nature and let the beauty of this life consume us. Paradiso built a incredible bond between this Man and my self. I am forever grateful to have the chance to spend my life in his presence.

Some people say, that there are souls bound to living a life in constant motion, all ways moving, changing, exploring, learning. He is most definitely one of the souls, and I wouldn't have any other way.

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