Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seattle is heading to the Super Bowl- Oasap Edition

Most likely you already know, that the Seattle Seahawks are heading to the Superbowl once again.
That game was by far the most heart wrenching game ever.... I never lost faith in my Hawks though, I knew if they played right in the last few minutes they could at least get into overtime. 

In Honor of their victorious win over the Green Bay packers.
I suited up in full on Seahawks Gear, with some of my own touches thanks to

I am super impatient with waiting for the Superbowl. 
I have no doubt that we will take the win, and be Super Bowl Champions once Again!!
So fellow Hawk Lover and Seattleites Get your Game Day Gear Ready... 
and prepare for the most epic game of the year!

Lastly but most definitely not least. Thanks Oasap for sending me the lovely Infinity Scarf, Helping me complete my game day look!

 Loop Knit Infinity Scarf
Loop Knit Infinity Scarf- Oasap

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