Friday, February 13, 2015

Call to Action: Why Islamophobia and Racism needs to stop

I cannot express in words alone my outrage at the lack of coverage of the events that are happening here on American soil. First three young Muslims were murdered in their home in Chapel Hill, NC. These lives were taken over a parking dispute??? I call bull shit…. this man, (I won’t mention his name because I don’t believe in glorifying killers. ) took the lives of innocent people due to his views towards religion, his disgust for colored people, and his deep seeded hatred of Islam and it’s followers.

Now I see that an Islamic institution was set on fire in Huston.


Why, Is hatred so deeply instilled in these people that they have to lash out against anything that differs from their point of view.

How can I tell you all that all lives matter and make you understand that the god that someone prays to and the color of their skin is no reason to hate? We as humans are infinitely diverse. If we were to be all the same wouldn't nature had made it so?  If we were all the same, I can almost guarantee that hate would still exist. People would find the most absurd reasons to hate others.

If you think for even a second that racism doesn't exist, than you are either willfully ignorant or just plain naive. Hate Crimes exist, people die every day because of the color of their skin. Sadly it is almost always at the hands of white man. This needs to stop, we need to start educating children that being different is not something to be feared, but rather something to hold in high esteem. Being different makes you special for all the right reasons.

We do not all need to follow the same god, to be good. We do not need the same shade of skin to be considered worthy of respect. Are differences is what makes the world an amazing place. 

One of the biggest issues though with overcoming this issues is that it is not just American's, Its happening every where. Countless people are being killed for racist and religious reasons. In every city in every country someone is being taught to hate that which is different, and it needs to stop. 

We need to stop supporting movies like American Sniper, that promote Nazi propaganda,  White Dog that promoted killing of black people through the use of an attack dog. American History X,  promotes white supremacy and the neo-nazi movement. Don't even get me started on the hidden racism in Disney movies, such as Fantasia. 

This is a call to action: If you believe that we are equal regardless of skin color, religious preference, gender, etc. Then educate your friends, start talking about the issues. When you see someone being racist towards someone don't just stand there and let it happen.

We are not born knowing how to hate, we are taught how to hate. We have the ability to undo that hate, but it requires more than sharing news stories, it requires action. 

Stop watching the propaganda new shows like FOX and ABC. Stop being brainwashed by media. Open your eyes see the world for what it is. You want to know what is really going in the world, watch Al Jazeera, or some other news broadcast that is not American Based, if you really want to know something other than what Kim Kardashian is doing, or how Iggy is being pushed out by the rap community. 

So let me be the first to say this, and i absolutely mean it.

If you are even in the slightest a racist, a bigot or just plain naive to the world we live in. Please Un-follow me. I will not be a friend to someone who feels it is right to put another person down for any reason.

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