Saturday, March 7, 2015

Branded- The Event

There are times in life where we as humans are presented with the chance to make a difference. February 28th was one of those days. 

At the start of this quarter I enrolled in Seattle Pacific University's Social Venture Plan. 
The team I worked with consist of four other members besides my self. 
Together we have built the basics of business plan. 

That day,I spent 12 hours in a classroom with over 30 other individuals, each of us separated into are distinct groups. 

My team, worked diligently with 4 members of Seattle Pacific University's art center to build our Brand. 

This event is called Branded.
SPU Branded Event

 As a team, we built our Brand Logo, created our mission and vision statements, our slogan, and renamed our company. 

Over the 12 hours we spent together, we became not only friends, but gained a better understanding of how both Business elements and Creative/Visual design plays a part in how the world sees a company.

Our team, we call our self's Bis, 



twice; for a second time (used in musical scores to indicate a part to be repeated)
sentence substitute 
encore! again!
Word Origin
C19: via Italian from Latin, from Old Latin duis

Our Slogan:

"Empowering a community through creative reuse"

We plan to employ adults with special needs to create Home Decor Products out of up-cycled goods. 

We plan to start with books, but not just any books. Books that can't be recycled due to the glue in the bindings...

How you ask are we going to turn these ugly and simple hardbound books in to class art deco home decor..

Well just take a gander at the photos below.  

Photo by Rika
Photo by Rika
Photo by Rika

All photos of the actual Product were taken by ShaeLee Haglund.

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