Monday, August 11, 2014

A Time Traveller's Delight- Renaissance Faire

I am sure that there are times when you wish you could just get away from it all, 
even if it is only for a short time. 
Sometimes I find myself wishing that I could just travel back in time, visit places before they became the places that they are now.
I want to see the world through the eyes of those who came before us.

Finding an escape from reality isn't necessarily a bad thing.. Just remember that eventually you must return to real life...

 You just need a bit of imagination, 
that alone can take you places you have never even thought of.
A time traveller's delight...

Beyond the seas of emerald green,
the ebb and tide of diamond waves slosh in the most serene celerity
I lay upon the seas, and become a grain of sand
I am a pearl born of pain,
my timbre plays melodies on your heart strings,
my beauty shadowboxes with your soul..

 wind blows through the 
warped cold forest. 
Endless echoes of sea mist 
hits the black shore. 
Only this is caused by dark morning, 
summers end knocks on the door, 
only hidden by light nights. 
Cold dark shadows pass down 
the twisted roads 
Once again black mornings 
and light nights; 
follow me to the endless ocean of life.

The Washington State Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Can You Guess what I am?
My Wings...FireBird

Just hanging out with woodland creatures!

The Necromancer and the Dragon Queen...
A fallen Faerie Indeed
My love and I
I had a truly amazing time, from the moment we got there life outside of this place did not matter, 
I was in the company of good friends, new and old. 
I would not trade a moment of this adventure for anything in the world..
Finding a place to escape to is hard, but finding one where your friends will follow is even harder..
Thank you Ren Faire for being that escape for me...

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