Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You Painted Black upon the Whitest Lies.....

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Have you ever been in a relationship or even friendship with a liar?
It can be painfully deceptive, and honestly just down right confusing.
I know I am not alone, in this feeling, the utter disgust and feelings of complete betrayal. 
For so long, I have simply let people tell me what ever they wanted, 
white lies, small lies, big lies. 
Where has it gotten me?? 
No where..

It has left me with nothing...why do I allow people to lie to me?
I am left feeling like a boat with no anchor, not rooted to anything anywhere.

These are the Hard Truths I have learned through out my years of letting people lie to me...
Maybe just maybe...
 this post will stop you from wasting time on someone who constantly lie to you.

TRUTH: is a steady force, it is heavy and hard to carry. It is the anchor that keeps us in the present, here in reality, and it is completely irreplaceable.
 Once you lie to someone, no matter how many times you tell the truth after..
 they will never believe you. 
Now let me make something clear, there is a difference between people who lie and liars. 
Everyone at some point or another will lie to you. WHITE LIES are a huge thing in our culture.
Most people are not even aware that they are lying until some one else points it out. 
Excuses are often masked as White Lies, or half truths, either way they are still a lie. 
Telling the truth is hard, its humbling and more times than not, embarrassing. 
Being strong enough to admit you were wrong, and apologize to those you hurt takes courage.
Courage most people cant seem to find with in them self's, 
so they let their lies fester until it comes back and bits them in the ass. 
The only thing worse than lying, is being caught in a lie.

Opposite of White liars, are Habitual Liars. 
Habitual Liars have made a life out of lying. There whole life style is built on deceit, 
they live in a false reality. They are so deep in their own lies, they actually believe them themselves.

But why do people lie, what is it that motivates them to lie?
Well there are 3 things for sure that I know of. 
1. Liars are in Love with Themselves:
Liars make every situation about themselves, they don't think about how their words or actions will impact others. They don't want to look stupid in front of others and they don't want to admit that they are wrong. Liars are short sighted and only look for the easy way out. 

2.Liars are Cowards:
That's right, I said it.. they are Cowards. Anyone who lacks the mental strength and courage to tell the truth is a coward. Coward are hard to love, they will constantly frustrate you. Instead of admitting that they are human and made a mistake, they will lie to cover it up. 

3. Liars have Nothing to fall back on. 
At the end of the day, once someone finds out someone is a liar,
 that is pretty much it for what ever type of relationship they were in. I mean, what do you have at the end of the day, at the end of ones life if not your reputation and good name?
Liars essentially cut out the legs beneath them, falling on to nothing. By lying constantly they burn the bridges with their family and friends. Their lives become a meaningless wasteland, easily forgotten and dismissed. 

I have met many people who are habitual liars, and it took me quite some time to figure it out. 
I have had 10+ year long friendships end because I could no longer take being lied to. 
If you have ever met some one who constantly lied to you, what did you do about it?
Did you call them out? or did you keep your mouth shut and let them lie to you even though you knew the truth?

I once stayed in a relationship for over 2 years because I though I loved this person, 
but the whole time he cheated on me.
  I knew about it, but I never called him out on it. 
When I finally did point out.. that I knew what was happening he lied to my face about it.
At that point I just didn't care if I though I loved him or not. I only cared about our relationship being built on trust, and it no longer was. 
So I let that "ship" set sail...
I vowed that if I ever suspected that someone was lying to me, I would call them out on the spot.
I would never allow some one to abuse my trust towards them...
Once you burn the bridge.. its gone..
tell them.....

you painted black over the whitest lies.

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